'klug' /kloog/ old Ger. adj. meaning "wise, strategic, noble, admirable"
". . . whatever is true, whatever is noble . . . think about such things."
New Release! Stop Clowning Around
Learn the secrets of success in any career path or personal endeavor!
Scott Holman is a nationally-recognized leader in his field with a proven track-record of success. Join him in this journey through the lessons he's learned along the way. He breaks everything down into ten simple essentials that anyone can easily learn and remember. Do that - learn and remember them - and you will be on your way to the success and fulfillment you only dared dream of. Scott's book has already won fans and influenced readers to respond with praise and gratitude. Suitable for anyone, the young person at the beginning of their career journey, or the seasoned veteran hungering for renewed motivation and inspiration. 
$2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Non-Fiction: Career Success, Personal Growth, Autobiography
$2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Fiction: CIA Thriller, Child Trafficking, Action & Adventure, Military Thriller
 $2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Fiction: CIA Thriller, Child Trafficking, Action & Adventure, Military Thriller
$2.99 USD Kindle Edition 
  • Fiction: CIA Thriller, Child Trafficking, Action & Adventure, Military Thriller
 $2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Non-Fiction:  Christianity, History, Biblical Studies, Spiritual Growth
$18.99 USD plus s&h
  • Non-Fiction: Travel, Orphans, NGO, Christianity, Missions, Self-discovery
$2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Autobiography: North Korea, Medical NGO, Humanitarian Aid, Children
$2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Autobiography: North Korea, Surfing, Humanitarian Aid, Water Wells
 $2.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Fiction: Christianity, History, Reformation, Schwenckfeld, Luther
$18.02 USD plus s&h
  • Non-Fiction: Christianity, Self-Help, Spiritual Growth, Religious Studies
$14.99 USD plus s&h
  • Non-Fiction:  Christianity, Self-Help, Spiritual Growth, Religious Studies
$4.99 USD Kindle Edition
  • Non-Fiction: Christianity, Self-Help, Personal Growth, Autobiography
Torching the Crimson Flag
From Conrad Brasso, the author of the riveting, heart-pounding Trey Stone CIA thriller series, now comes Book Three!
Brasso's hearty fiction takes readers into the effluvial and Machiavellian world of international child trafficking. The reality behind his plots has seared the public consciousness with stories in the headlines this past year. Brasso exposes the strategies and tactics of the villains through fictitious renderings of what we, sadly, already know to be real life.  He does so by bringing the fight between good and evil to our imaginations in adrenaline-coursing, heart-pounding fashion. An incredible value at the price. Binge-readers will be glad to know that there are already over fifteen hundred pages to this series with more on the way!
The Power of Covenant in Times of Crisis
Retired medical doctor and renowned archaeologist team up to offer life-changing perspective on times of crisis.
Former Houston board-certified radiologist Dr. Ralph Peil and his longtime friend Dr. Scott Stripling bring us an uplifiting and thought-provoking book on times of crisis. Pooling their combined knowledge of history and human nature, they offer a unique and unusual survey of relevant Bible passages and principles to show that there is hope for humanity even in times of great crisis. 
"Each day, reports in the news serve as a constant reminder that we live in a complex and broken world," says Dr. Paul Osteen, Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. "And yet, in the midst of this brokenness and violence, The Power of Covenant in Times of Crisis is a poignant and timely reminder that God is very much in control and at work in our world. Using a fascinating and unique combination of church history, insightful scriptural exegesis, biblical archaeology, and their own personal faith journeys, Dr. Scott Stripling and Dr. Ralph Peil remind us that as followers of Jesus, we can find encouragement, comfort, and hope in the very difficult and perplexing times that we live in."
Author Alan Olsan featured on Patheos.com
Evangelical A-list blogger Frank Viola featured Alan Olsan's new book on his blog this summer. Here's what he said:
Alan Olsan has written a new interesting book for those who are intrigued by history. It’s called Caspar Schwenckfeld: Between Tyranny and Anarchy. Imagine a time of religious, spiritual, and social upheaval. People are leaving their traditional churches, finding new ways to evangelize, and choosing less formal ways of doing church, from meeting together in their homes to pooling their resources and living in common under one roof. People with no formal seminary or other religious training are selling everything they own and traveling from place to place sharing the Gospel. Read the full blog article.
Get to Know God Better!
Sometimes we complicate our relationships, even our relationship with God.
This course will meet you wherever you are in your spiritual journey, and help you take simple steps forward. Author, conference speaker and pastor coach, Derek Schoenhoff, puts over forty years of things he’s learned about God into this amazing online course, just for you. You’ll learn how to overcome fear, how to discover God as trustworthy, how to be healed from inner turmoil and hurts, and much more.
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